Pocky Interactive Video Ad Campaign

Pocky is a Japanese snack that's gaining popularity in America. It consists of a very thin biscuit-stick with an even thinner, flavored coating. It's an unusual snack that is distinct in it's flavor, texture, and image. To both highlight its peculiarity and make it the modern snack of a young generation, I created a campaign that is funny and inviting while making use of modern animation and video techniques.

The script below is for one interactive video that can easily be created using Interlude — software that seamlessly stitches video based on viewer selections. These videos can be placed anywhere you see a regular commercial online, such as YouTube.

While I have only provided one script here, I have come up with a laundry list of character traits for each flavor of Pocky. This campaign would theoretically run for months or years and the characters would build up personalities over time, giving viewers an emotional connection to the product. Their connections would be strengthened by the viewers' choices within the video. And the interactive nature gives the added benefit of avoiding repetitive play on sites that don't vary their commercials enough, like Hulu.