Here, you'll find samples of articles I have written for photography publications, both online and in print. 

In “Wilderness to Wasteland,” David T. Hanson

Finds Tragic Beauty in Environmental Destruction

"A constant goal of many artists is to make the unpleasant approachable, combining what we want to look at with what we’d rather not think about. Not only does this serve as an almost perverse form of entertainment, pitting functions of the mind against one another, but it also..."

Swizz Beatz and Canon Give Unknown Artists their Big Break

"Hip-Hop producing legend Swizz Beatz may be most know for being “The best rap producer of all time,” according to Kanye West, but lately he has been making a name for himself in a different artistic community. Swizz has..."

Virtual Reality Photography Isn’t Actually Photography, But Something Else Entirely

"Before I start dissecting virtual reality photography, let me just say what you’re probably thinking when you consider the statement posed in the title of this editorial: “It’s too soon to tell.” That phrase can basically be applied to..."

Photography & Color Theory, Part 1: What you Learned in School is Wrong

"Quick! What are the primary colors? What are the colors of the rainbow? What’s the opposite of Red? While answering those questions probably seemed easy enough, you were also likely wrong. But don’t feel bad, most people don’t actually know the right answers..."

Review: "War is Beautiful" by David Shields

"The New York Times is considered the paper of record, yet it unfairly promotes American warfare by treating it as beautiful in its cover photos. That’s the premise of David Shield’s new book, War is Beautiful.” Recently..."

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