World Fantasy Football Championship (FanDuel)

The World Fantasy Football Championship (WFFC) is the biggest fantasy football contest that FanDuel runs all year. And it's a great example of some of the work I've done as a copywriter for the company.

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Creative Brainstorming

The main selling point of the WFFC, besides the $5,000,000 in prize money, was the trip to the live finals event in California. After being chosen to lead the creative direction of the 2016 WFFC, I worked closely with a few of our art directors to brainstorm campaign concepts based on the main benefits of the contest.

We then pitched three of these concepts — Ultimate Competition, Beach Paradise, and Football Heaven — to the stakeholders, who chose to move forward with the Football Heaven angle (my personal favorite).

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Landing Page

Once the creative direction was chosen, we began working on the contest's landing page. These tend to follow a predetermined structure, so the core concept and language is what makes one contest stand out from the rest. The landing page is also the creative basis for all other assets that are made for the associated advertising campaign.

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Advertising Assets

After the landing page was approved by the stakeholders, we created all the advertising assets that would funnel users toward the landing page. The image on the left was made for organic social media posts, and it makes use of FanDuel's new "sportsrich" brand campaign. We also created email blasts, digital banners, paid social ads, and much more — including the in-venue branding for the live finals event.